Andhra Pradesh Art & Crafts


Indian Handicrafts have made a name for themselves the world over. This tradition continues over a centuries, safeguarding the wide and varied artistic wealth of India. Each region of India abounds in handicrafts reflecting the genius of its local craftsmen. Andhra Pradesh in the south has the distinction of having all important categories of handicrafts practiced in their traditional locations spread over different parts of the state. Karminagar is well known  for silver Filigree of superior quality created by master craftsmen. Bidri is another prized product of Andhra Pradesh popular in different parts of the world. The skills  of artisans  can be seen in caskets, vases and trays. While places like Nagarjunakonda and Amravathi have influenced the growth of stone-carving nine places like Durgi, wood-carving received its impetus from the temple sculptures. This has made possible the creation of variety of products in the shape of both figurines and panels that depict them from temple chariots and Gopurm. 


-- Some are as follows: --

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