Andhra Pradesh Birds Sanctuaries



Location This bird sanctuary is located in West Godavari district near Eluru.
Area 673 Sq.km. (depending on water spread)
Habitat It is a marsh with shallow water spread.
Accessibility Nearest railway station is at Kaikalur. By road 60 km. from Vijayawada.
Season October to May.
Birds found

Large number of Gargeny Teals, Common Teals, Pochards, Spot Bills, Brahminy, Ducks (Ruddy Shelduck), Open Bill Storks. Herons, occasionally flamingoes, Grey Pelicans which used to visit this area have become rare due to various causes.



Location Near Nandikotkuru, Kurnool District.
Area 614 Sq. km.
Habitat The dry thorn type of forests, interspersed with dry cereal crops, cotton, groundnut and castor.
Accessibility Nearest railway station is at Kurnool. State buses available.
Season October to February.
Birds found

Black Buck, Bonnet Macaque, Indian Bustard, Indian Roller, Sparrows, Mynas, Russel's Viper, Indian Cobra, Jackal, Wolf and Indian Fox.



Location The Bird sanctuary is located on the east coast, 20 km. north of Pulicat bird sanctuary in Nellore district, and 100 km. north of Chennai.
Area 4,404 km.
Habitat A small fresh water irrigation tank in the village of Nelapattu with Barringtonia trees in the water spread on which the water birds nest.
Accessibility Nearest railway station is at Sulurpet. Easily approachable by road 50 km. from Chennai on the Chennai-Calcutta National Highway.
Season October to March.
Birds found

Grey Pelicans are found nesting on Barringtonia trees in the tank bed. Other nesting birds include Cormorants, White Ibis, Night Heron, Open Bill Storks, Teals, Ducks etc., villagers offer full protection to these birds.



Location The Manjira sanctuary is located along the river Manjira near Sangareddy, the district head quarters of Medak.
Area 20 Sq. km.
Habitat Riverine habitat.
Accessibility About 50 km. from Hyderabad near Sangareddy town, well connected by road.
Season October to June.
Birds found

Marsh Crocodiles and number of water-birds found in the Manjira barrage.

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