Hyderabad Eatouts


Hyderabad has a set a trend in gourmet meals, exquisite style and table manners, a legacy of the courts of the Nizams. The cuise concentrates on the rich flavour of meats and rice. Biryani is a highly flavoured rice dish with liberal quantities of meats and spicy curries. Nahari and Roomali Rotis are very popular. Kebabs of various type can be eaten by themselves with a chutney.  Of late, pubs, fast food joints and western speciality cuisine restaurants have come up in the city. It is justifiably proud of its delicious Andhran cuisine. One can also try haleem —a preparation of pounded wheat with tender portions of meat, garnished with crispy fried onion rings. Nahari sheep trotters and spices stewed overnight over a slow charcoal fire, and eaten with hot bread cakes, is yet another of Hyderabad delicacies. Two dessert items deserve special mention-the rich creamy sheer birinj flavored with crushed almonds and garnished with rose petals and Shahi Tukre topped with a fine sheet of edible silver foil. Of course, one can never forget that Hyderabadi grapes have a taste of their own. Be warned; some of the vegetarian chili dishes can be real tearjerkers.

Grand hotel: It just around from Hyderabad GPO, is far from grand but it has cheap non-veg local food such as biryani and mutton cutlets and is immensely popular ay lunch time.

Kamat hotel : Any dishes in this hotel are good, cheap, south Indian vegetarian meals, with the standard fare. There's one in Secundrabad on sarojini Devi Rd and another in A bids on AG's Office Rd opposite Indian Airlines.

Astoria Restaurant: It is opposite the Kamat Hotel on Ag's Office Rd is a popular open air dinner spot.

Shalimar Restaurant: It is the part of the Hotel Sri Brindavan on Station Rd, is one of the best cheap places to eat in } Hyderabad. Its open from 11 am to 11 pm daily.

Golden deer : It is on MG Rd, not far from Abids  Circle, is more expensive, but a good choice for dinner. It specialise in Chinese / Indian meals, and is blissfully air-conditioned.

Paradise Garden Restaurant: Near the corner of Sardar Patel Rd and MG Rd in Secundrabad is famous for its authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. Established in 1953, this is the place to eat in Secundrabad, and prices are reasonable . It features two- sections an open-air patio serving both veg and  non-veg fare, and a sidewalk takeaway area where you can get juicy kebabs, freshly baked rotis, oven - fresh biscuits and hot coffee.



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