Nagarjunakonda City Map



Nagarjunakonda is situated about 150 km. towards southeast of Hyderabad on the Krishna river. This ancient city remained one of the most important Buddhist center in South India for 5 centuries. Nagarjunakonda was originally known as Vijaypur and the major place of monks and scholars. This city takes its name from Nagarjuna who was one of the most respected monks of Buddhism and also the founder of the Madhyamika School. He also founded the University here. 

How to get there

  1. By Air:
    The nearest airport is located at Vijayawada, about 65 kms from Nagarjunakonda. 
  2. By Rail:
    The nearest railway stations are located at Guntur, 36 km. away and at Vijayawada, 82 km. away. 

  3. By Road: 
    Nagarjunakonda is well connected with various cities like Guntur, Vijayawada, Hyderabad. 
Around Nagarjunakonda

The relics of Buddhist University and stadium excavated at Nagarjunasagar have been reconstructed at Anupa, about 4 kms. From the dam site. The stadium is noted for its excellent acoustics and is a worth visiting site.

Srisailam (70 kms.)
This major Hindu pilgrim centre is located on the banks of Swarnamukhi, amidst the scenic Rishabhagiri hills. The magnificent Malikarjuna Swamy temple atop the hill is one of the most ancient and sacred places in South India. It enshrines one of the twelve jyotirlingas existing in the country. The temple walls are finely carved with images of Shiva in different manifestations, elephants and hunting scenes. Another important shrine is the fortified temples of Sri Parvata, which is believed to be in exstenc since pre-vedic period. It is regarded as the Shaktipeeth of Goddess Bhramaramba in the form of Kali and is said to be one of the eighteen leading srishailam is well connected by rail and road.