Shopping in Nagarjunakonda

Shopping at Nagarjunakonda

Nagarjunakonda  is one of the best places for people visiting the city to shop. For centuries it has been a major shopping center due to the presence of ports and a huge merchant class. It is called the city of pearls in India due to the large variety of both natural and cultured pearls it offers to the buyers. During the Mughal and later the British period its trade continued to flourish including other items like antiques, handicrafts, jewelleries, leather goods etc.


Today the city offers almost everything both from traditional to modern stuffs found in big malls.

The main commercial areas open from Monday to Saturday except in the Charminar area, where some shops remain closed on Fridays. Street-side bazaar remains open on Sundays too. The Abids Road becomes a paradise or book lovers on Sundays. The lucky shopper may find a rare old book or a collector's issue of a magazine selling on the street at a throwaway price. Bargaining is a must on the street - a safe margin to ask for is 10-15% off the stated price. Commerce in Hyderabad begins around 1030 hrs or 1100 hrs and close again for a two-hour lunch break. You must check each item you buy, for it is difficult to return or exchange merchandise except in the large stores. In any case care should be taken to get the receipt of items bought.

Pearls : Cultured pearls in gold and silver jewellery are Hyderabad specialty. The rice-pearl, a tiny variety of pearl, lends itself to exquisite designs. The precious Basra , a pearl unmatched in luster, color and price is also available. The Qutb Shahi rulers and the Nizams loved pearls and diamonds and therefore the pearl work flourished in Hyderabad. The Asaf Jahi Nizams not only wore ropes of pearls studded with diamonds as part of state regalia but also used paste of crushed pearls as beauty aids. Osman Ali, the richest of the Nizams stored pearls and diamonds in sacks in basement chambers. The flourishing trade of pearls at Hyderabad attracts tourist and connoisseur alike.

Bidriware : This is the most famous handicraft of Andhra pradesh. Bidriware, a type of encrusted metalwork where one metal is inlaid or overlaid on another. Originating from Bidar, this art achieved perfection in Hyderabad. Bidriware derives its beauty from the contrast created by the black background. Whether things of ornamental use like glass and studded bangles of bidri or things of daily utility such as plates, bowels, vases, ashtrays, trinket boxes, hugga bases etc Bidri work brings to them the splendor found in the days of the Nizams.

Kalamkari : Are the famous pen painted fabric which are done in beautiful colors. These are used for clothing and wall decorations. The Kalamkari work is practiced in two styles, the Machilipatnam and the Kalahasti. A general theme in these works is the portrayal of mythological characters. The hand painted fabric, and Nirmal painting, using dyes to create memorable scenes from the Mahabharat and the Ramayana It generates awe and mystery among people and is favorite shopping item in Hyderabad.

The Lambadri mirror works : The Lambadas the Banjaras, who are a part of Telangana, possess the art of transforming any ordinary piece of cloth into a colorful piece of art by just a needle and thread. They extensively use mirrors to add to the beauty. They wear this clothing as their ustomary attire. Blouses and skirts are embroidered with mirrors and very small and flat metallic disks can be bought. Typical items in this work include cushion covers, bags, shirts, kurtas, bedspreads etc.

Jewellery : A shopper can get all types of semi-precious stone and Jewellery including the ever-famous Pearls. Silver jewelry here can be found with excellent delicate craftsmanship. It is called filigree work here. Intricately twisted strands of silver are braided together, hammered out into a gentle latticework of frail artistic grandeur. Typical filigree work can be found in key chains, boxes, trays, etc also. Hyderabad is also famous for colorful stones and jewelry made out of it.

Ikat weaving : Ikat is one of the most unique of Andhra's handloom heritage, a craft that survives even today. Typical items include sarees, blankets, mats, carpets, coasters, fancy bags etc Ikat Fabric of Andhra Pradesh is Distinct from the Ikat fabrics of North India. These indigenous varieties of the craft combine an intricate technique with splendid artistry of form. One is bound to get fascinated by the variety of prints and materials used for the purpose.

Sarees : The grace and beauty of Pochampalli sarees of Andhra pradesh is no unknown thing among those who are admirers of this Indian attair.Pochampalli is very near to the city where one can actually see how these sarees are woven by the artisans. One is bound to get fascinated by the variety of prints and materials used for the purpose oiher equally popular sarees are brought in from nearby towns like Venkatagiri, Siddipet, Gadwal, Naryanpet and Dharmavaram.

One can also find sarees brought in from across India, like Kashmir, Bengal, Kanchipuram, Lucknow. An ordinary cotton saree can be purchased for anything between Rs.150 to above Rs.2, 500 while silk sarees are priced between Rs.500 to Rs.10,000 and above. Handlooms are also widely available. Sarees are available practically anywhere in Hyderabad. Some of the preferred saree centers are MG Road, Patny Circle, General Bazaar, Abids, Nampally, Somajiguda, Charminar, Koti, Sultan Bazaar, etc.

Kat Saris : The Kat saris, the traditional saris of Hyderabad turn women irresistible for shopping.

Zardozi- Embroidery Work : A Specialty of Hyderabad is Zardozi (Silk thread and cord) embroidery work. One can find an amazing collection of embroidered sarees, Lacchas (Long tops paired with long skirts and dupatta), ghagra and cholis (skirt and blouse), salwaar kamiz and even sandals with embroidery work. These are particularly exquisite when purchased at Charminar. Prices depend mainly on the amount and quality of work put in.

Handlooms : These colorful creations born in the state are a tribute to Andhra history to its woman; Handloom Fabrics like Cotton and Silk are used for clothing especially in the summer, which are very hot and humid. Replicas of some of the famous statues kept at the Salar Jung museum can be bought from the outlet inside the museum along with calendars, posters and showpieces depicting other collections inside.

Handicrafts : Andhra Pradesh has a rich culture of handicraft works. Wooden works like toys made by carving wood with beautiful figures are quite famous. These are called Nirmal and Kondapally toys. Such works can also be found in, and decorative items like showpieces and wall hangings. Bidri metal craft (silver inlaid on metal-copper and zinc), gun metal craft, stone carvings, wood carvings, brassware, Pembarthi sheet metal art and Kalamkari all can be found in places like: -

Some of the popular shopping centers are :

  • Basheerbagh-Abids-Nampally
  • Begum Basaar - Osmanganj - Moazzam Jahi Market
  • Charminar-Patthargatti-Lad Bazaar
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road - General Bazaar - Rashtrapathi Road
  • Monda Market
  • Narayanguda – Chikkadpally
  • Secretariat Road – Khairatabad
  • Sultan Bazaar - Koti - Troop Bazaar
  • Shilparamam
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