Shopping in Tirupati

Tirupati offers a variety of souvenirs and traditional ware at affordable prices. Gold Leaf paintings of exceptional quality, belonging to the Tanjavoor School, are available here. Statutes of Gods in various types of material, toys made of soft whitewood, Kalamkari articles and carved wooden handicrafts abound here. Lepakshi Handicraft showrooms can be found at Tirupati as well as Tirumala.

For the devoted and religious minded, a variety of devotional CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, Books, Calendars and other materials are available here.
Shopping at Tirupati
Stone sculptures of Allagada
The sculptors of Allagada are famous for creating mythological sculptures of Gods and Goddesses out of formless rocks. Details and intricate designs are the hallmark of these unique creations. The sculptures are of the Chola, Gandhara and Vijaynagara styles. These stone carvings available at Tirupati, make excellent showpieces and can also be installed in small home temples.

Terracotta at Madanpally
The Terracotta items that are available at Tirupati include pottery which have an universal appeal, face masks, and other decorative lamps with intricate designs.

Brass work of Dornakambala
Craftsmen from Dornakambala create miniature brass castings. The artisans excel in the creation of exquisite icons of Hindu deities. You can find brass work handicrafts such as idols of Gods and Goddesses, lamps, carved plaques, etc.

Shopping at Nellore 
Famous for zari sarees.

Famous for zari & Pattu sarees.

Making of Wooden Combs & Spoons.

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