Places to visit in Vijayawada



Some 30km due west of Vijayawada, near the bank of the Krishna River, stands the ancient Buddhist centre of Amaravathi, the former capital of the Satvahans, the successors to the Mauryas in this part of India. Here you can see the 2000 year old stupa with its intricately carved pillars and marble-surfaced dome which itself is equally richly carved. The carvings depict the life from everyday life. It's not as large as that at sanchi in Madhya Pardesh but it's worth a visit if you're interested in Buddhist relics of the Hinayana era. There's a Museum on the site containing relics found in the area. The ancient Buddhist centre known as Dhanyataka and the former capital city of Satavahanas is 60kms south west of Vijayawada. During the time of Acharya Nagarjuna, the Buddhist philosopher, Amaravathi was a renowned seat of learning where a Buddhist university flourished. It is built of kiln-burnt bricks and faced with marble slabs, the Maha stupa was richly adorned with carvings, depicting events from the life of Buddha along its dome and the outer and inner sides of the railing.


Kanakadurga Temple

Built atop a hill, the temple is synonymous with Vijayawada. It is among the important mentioned in the sacred texts. Adi Sankara  is  believed to have visited the temple and installed the 'Sri Chakra' here. On the way to the Kanakadurga temple are the rock-cut carve dedicated to akkanna and Madanna, Ministers in the court of Abul hasan Tanashah, the 17th century Qutub Shahi ruler.Kanaka Durga, the goddess of power, riches and benevolence is the presiding deity of Vijayawada. 


Gandhi Hill

The tallest structure in the Vijaywada skyline, Memorial to the Father of the Nation, is the 15.8m stupa on Gandhi Hill for merely known as Orr Hill. The Gandhi stupa is a monument erected in memory of Mahatma Gandhi. It was unveiled in 1968. The Gandhi Memorial Library, sound and light show, planetorium are the another places which attract the tourists.

Mogalrajapuram Caves
Of the three cave temples dating back to the fifth century only one is still is good shape. It contains the idols of Lord Nataraja and Vinayaka among others. The other famous caves are the Undavalli Caves, situated about 8 kms. from Vijayawada. These caves were built in 7th century A.D.

Hazratbal Mosque
Hazratbal Mosque is believed as a holy relic of Prophet Mohammad is a famous shrine of the Muslims.

St. Mary’s Church

It was Build on a hillock in the east side of Vijayawada. St. Mary’s Church attracts people from all religion and also from whole count. A fair is held annually in which thousands of people participate.

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