Places to visit in Visakhapatnam


Borra CavesBorra Caves
The village Borra famous for its one million old natural limes caves inhabited by 19 sects of tribals. Borra  lying in the Ananthagiri hills in the south-east corner of Srungavarapukota taluk, at a distance of 29 kms. from Araku Valley and about 90 kms. from Visakhapatnam.  The caves have historical and religious value and archaeological importance due to the discovery of some Paleolithic implements. Dating back to a million years, they present a breathtaking display of naturally sculpted splendour, in superb stalactite and stalagmite formations. There are mica mines in and around Borra village and it is believed that there are immense possibilities of mining precious stones like rubies here. A big project known as the Thalipudi Reservoir scheme is being constructed at cost of Rs 4.5 Crores across the river Gosthami at Thatipudi. The caves are illuminated by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.


Araku Valley Araku Valley
Araku in Oriya means red clay .The valley extending over 36 sq km is situated at an altitude of 610 to 915 metres above the sea level. The valley  is very nice and attracts tourist because of its cascading waterfalls and streams  which hold one spell bound and give the effect of music. Green and pleasant and filled with the music of waterfalls is the picturesque Araku Valley, about 112 kms. from Visakhapatnam. Rolling grasslands, lush orchards and bracing climate make Araku Valley a delightful place. The natural beauty of this valley comes alive with the aboriginal tribes who dwell here. And who have, to this day, kept their tradition and culture alive. It is inhabited by 17 colorful tribes, with their cultural traditions vibrantly alive. The Dhimsa dance, an age-old folk dance is still performed here during 'Itika Pongal' - the famous hunting festival in April. 


It is place of historical importance which is 64 km from Vishakhapatnam.  In 17th century A.D, it was the capital of the Gajapati chiefs. The magnificent fort architecture in this town tells the past glory of these Kings. Moreover, it has a Music College and a Sanskrit College.


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