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Simhachalam Simhachalam 

Simhachalam 16 kms. away from Visakhapatnam, it is Eleventh Century old temple dedicated to Lord Varaha narasimha. Moreover it is also called "Simhagiri" or "Lion's Hill" . It is lies in the northern direction of Visakhapatnam, which is a District Headquarters of Andhra. It has been hailed as the most famous and the best sculptured shrine. It has Sri Varahalakshmi Narasimha Swamy as the presiding deity. Simhachalam temple is known as the second richest temple (after Tirupati) for earning a revenue. He gives "nijaroopa darshan" (holy appearance in true form) for only 12 hours in a year and on all the remaining 364 days and 12 hours, the Lord is covered with sandalwood paste. The original shape of the deity in the tribhanga posture has two hands with the head of a lion on a human torso. The Simhachalam temple faces the West unlike so many others which face the East. An east-facing entrance, according to religious belief, brings prosperity while the west - facing one brings victory. The real shape of the deity can can be viewed only during Chandanayatra Festival (March-April). One can reach Simhachalam either by train, which goes up to Simhachalam Railway Station, or more easily by bus from Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam is an important junction in the Madras to Calcutta line, and is also connected by air from Hyderabad.


Dolphin's NoseDolphin's Nose

The most famous landmark at Visakhapatnam is the Dolphin's Nose, a rocky promontory in the port. This huge rock, 174 m in height and 358 m above sea level, is shaped like a Dolphin's nose. The rock juts out into the sea,  forming a headland on which is the lighthouse. This lighthouse has a beam that can be seen 64 km out at sea.


Andhra University

At 4 km. from Visakhapatnam, the massive stone buildings of the Andhra University on the uplands of Visakhapatnam were constructed in 1926.

The Ross Hill
The highest mount, named after Mr. Ross, a local authority, built a house on it in 1864. This was later converted into a Roman Catholic Chapel and named "Our Lady of the Sacred Heart".

Darga Konda
There is a mosque and a shrine of a Muslim prophet Iashaque Madina, who was revered for his prophecies.

Sri Venkateswara Konda
This temple was built by Captain Blackmoor in 1886, according to the Telugu inscriptions.

Situated at a distance of 17 km from Araku Valley, Ananthagiri Ghats present an enchanting view besides offering a bracing climate, thick forests, and orchards.

Arasavalli is at a distance of 3 km from Srikakulam and 733 km from Hyderabad. It is an important pilgrim centre and large crowds visit the Sun God's temple during Sundays.

Shri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple
Located here is the only Sun temple in the whole of Andhra Pradesh.

Hindustan Shipyard
Hindustan Shipyard is the nation's biggest shipbuilding yard is situated at Gandhigram at Vizag. The shipyard has tour berths, each 167.6 m long and provides good educational and entertaining visit.
Visiting days are Monday to Saturday between 4 p.m and 6 p.m.

Caltex Oil
Refinery 8 km away from Vishakhapatnam, the refinery is situated here on account of the advantageous position of the harbor. Visiting days: Monday and Friday, between 1.30 p.m and 3 p.m.


Bheemunipatnam This beautiful sandy beach is picturesquely situated at the confluence of Gosthani river into Bay of Bengal. It is one of the finest sea resorts of India and is well known as Bheemli. It is the safest of all the beaches here. Its beautiful beach and invigorating climate coupled with the pleasantness provided by the lush green palm groves adds to its immense attraction . A ruined fort and armory remain and sequestered  among plantain and palm groves. The Dutch cemetry where 13 tombs mark a span of time from 1661 to 1770 AD. The Dutch influence can be seen from the architectural style of the houses built there. There is a Dutch cemetery called Hollanders Green, which overlooks the ocean. The evidence of the British presence in Bheemunipatnam can be seen from the 19th century clock tower and the church of St’ Peter. Bheemunipatnam was a major Dutch port in the past.

Ramakrishna Beach And Lawson's Bay
They give a picturesque and a beautiful scenic beauty. There is present a soul stirring panorama of golden beaches. Lush green vegetation and splendid monuments form a rich heritage.

Rishikonda Beach
A golden, unspoiled beach, washed by the sun-warmed sea, Rishikonda is 8 km away from Vishakhapatnam. This spot is ideal for swimmers, water skiers, and wind surfers. Tourists can enjoy a holiday in picturesque settings.

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