Warangal City Map



Warangal is located on northern Andhra Pradesh State lies along the Chennai-Kazipet-Delhi rail route. Warangal was the ancient capital of the Kakatiyas, an Andhra dynasty that flourished in the 12th century AD. The city stands out for its beautiful lakes, temples and wildlife. It is very rich in antiques and relics.

Warangal's fort, lying southeast of the present-day city, was once surrounded by two walls, traces of the outer wall remain, as do the four stone gateways ('sanchar') of the inner wall. A thousand-pillared temple, built in 1162, is located within the city itself. Warangal is now a commercial and industrial center.

How to get there

  1. Air :- The nearest Airport is Hyderabad (141 kms) connected by Indian Airlines flights with Bombay, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkotta, Delhi, Madras, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam. 
  2. Rail:- Warangal links to all important cities in India by rail.
  3. Road:- Warangal is connected by road to Amaravati (319 km), Armur (170 km), Bangalore (707 km), Mumbai (880 km), Kolkotta (1498 km), Delhi (1463 km), Hyderabad (141 km), Karimnagar (70 km), Chennai (686 km), Nagpur (478 km), Nirmal (228 km), Nizamabad (199 km), Ramagundam (136 km), Tirupati (633 km), Vijayawada (253 km), Vishakapatnam (619 km), Yadagirigutta (72 km).


For those who love shopping, the Warangal city of Andhra Pradesh has some good deals to bargain for. Since the region is famous for handicrafts like brass ware, carpets, scroll paintings etc, your question regarding 'what to buy' would never arise. Infact, it would be unfair not to have a glimpse of such amazing artifacts. Once seen, it is sure that you would not be able to resist buying those amazing knick-knacks.  Another fact about these handicrafts is that they are made by observing traditional techniques and methods. Till day, artisans in local villages practice the time-honored art. The exclusive carpets from the region are popular amongst the national as well as the international markets. Regarding the shopping places in Warangal, you can browse the local markets. Though they have limited range of products, it is exceptionally good and you will get not go home empty-handed.  For special and selected items, you must explore the shopping places that are known for particular products. Like Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar at Subedari and Hanamkonda is the best place to get premium Khadi items that offers authentic items at reasonable rates. Podduturi Complex, near Warangal, is a nice place to shop for Lepakshi handicrafts. To get the best brassware and gift items, Hanamkonda is the right place to opt for.  The famous dhurries (mats / rugs) of Warangal can be purchased from Kothawada. Jangoan is a small village that doles out Pembarthy brass material. For the amazing Scroll paintings, you will have to move towards Cherial, located in the outskirts of the city. If you are good at bargaining, then try out DWCRA Bazaar at 'Chowrasta', where you would get variety of products without any hassle of going to different places for various items.